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Art Exhibits

At Ajax Public Library, we recognize the value of local artists and art organizations. We provide free display space that allows library visitors to view and engage in the creative life of our community. 

Art exhibition spaces are located at our Main Branch 1) The Rotary Room is used to display multimedia exhibits 2) Two locked glass display cases in the Foyer are suitable for three-dimensional art including jewelry, pottery, sculpture and fabric art. Both cases feature lighting and adjustable shelves.

Currently on Display

During the month of January, we're showcasing the work of a variety of artists from the Rotary Park Pavilion Painters. The amateur artists exhibiting their work in this exhibition are all local artists who attend the Adult Oil Painting Class presented by the town of Ajax. The works displayed range from landscapes to expressive forms of painting through which the artists express their own feeling using form and colour to capture a moment in time. Some of the artists displayed include:

NAYJIMA KHAN - Nayjima is a local artist who has exhibited a passion for oil painting.  Nayjima started painting in oils trying to capture the forces of ocean waves and has since moved to landscape painting.  Nayjima has shown a keen sense of colour selection and compositiqn. Her work has been exhibited  at the Ajax main library. Rotary Room.

TRICIA SERVICE - Tricia is a resident of Ajax,Ontario and has been painting for more than fifteen years. Tricia became a more motivated painter after winning an art award from her high school. Now Tricia paints mostly in oil paints with her work has been featured in exhibitions in Ontario. Tricia has been painting  with the Town of Ajax Rotary Park group of oil painters for a number of years.

GREGORY SIDDOK - Gregory was born in the Ukrainian City of Lvov. Gregory moved to St. Petersburg where he became a student in visual arts at the St. Petersburg University. Emigrating to Canada Gregory continued his interest in the visual arts. Gregory paints in a classical style with exhibitions at the Ajax main library, the Ajax council chambers and Art Examinations. His work is held in many private collections.

GORD MCKAY - Is resident of Ajax and a talented artist who has been painting for many years. Gord paints in the traditional style of oil painting  with  his colour selection he capturers a moment in time that results in beautiful work that is appreciated by all viewers. He has exhibited  at the Ajax main library Rotary room and the council chambers.

MIRIAM MOHAMED - Born in British Guiana, Miriam developed  a keen interest  in art while attending an all girls high school there. She immigrated to Canada in 1972 and having recently retired from a fulfilling and successful career in the corporate world she now has tie to focus on her art. She is currently a resident of Ajax. Miriam has exhibited  her work at the Rotary room at the Ajax main library.

OMAR MOHAMED - A resident of Ajax, since birth  Omar is a 22-year-old with nonverbal Autism. He has only been involved in Pen and Ink drawing  water colour  painting since September 2017. Omar has always had an eye for beauty and is now able to express himself through  his art. While he has only been creating his art for a few months he has found a voice through drawing in Pen and Ink drawing and water colour painting. Omar has exhibited  his work at the Ajax main library Rotary room and is a valued member  of the Rotary Park Group of painters.

PATRICK HICKMAN - Born in Northern Ireland, Patrick is a listed Canadian Artist with the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Patrick has become a highly developed and sensitive painter. While working in many mediums, painting in oils for Patrick is a natural form of expressing himself. His ability  to capture through vibrant colours, the light, as well as varying moods and atmosphere  is remarkable. Patrick has taught visual arts at University, College, High school, and Elementary education levels. He is currently a town of Ajax Rotary Park group of painters visual art instructor. His work is held in private  and corporate collections in Canada, England,Ireland, Germany, Korea, Russia and the United States of America. 

COLIN WALLACE - Colins long interest  in bricolage  and cartoon art has led him to explore water colours with pen and ink. His own cartoons have been published  in a national newspaper and his works are in private collections across Canada.

PAT HALE - Pat is a local artist who has been following her dream of pursuing art by taking Pen & Ink and water colour painting with a Canadian listed Artist through  with the Town of Ajax municipal programs. Pat has exhibited at the Rotary Room Ajax main library.

JOY ROCKALL - Joy is a local are·a artist who has started art classes in the last two years with the town of Ajax Community courses. Joy has exhibited at the Ajax Rotary room at the Ajax main library. Her work is held in private collections.

If you're interested in displaying your artwork at our Main Branch, view our Art Exhibit Policy and then submit your information online. We'd love to hear from you and display your art!