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Don't Miss The Annual Library Science Fair

Are you a budding scientist who can't wait to show your experiments to the world? Or, are you simply interested in how things work? Explore your inner scientist and put together an award-winning experiment you can showcase at our Annual Science Fair Competition on March 3rd.   Ajax & Pickering residents from Grades 3 to 12 are eligible.  Registration is required. 

Pick up a flyer at any branch or click HERE.

Register HERE now!

Annual Science Fair Competition Day:

Saturday March 3 at Pickering City Hall 

9am:                  All participants arrive at City Hall lobby to setup their displays and practice.

10am-12pm:     Judges go around and participants present to two different judges at two different times. The room will be closed to the public during this time.

12pm:               Open to the public for viewing.

12:30pm:          Participants take down their displays and go for lunch/break.

2:00pm:            Awards Ceremony takes place in Pickering Public Library Auditorium.


Categories:  Medals will be awarded to the top three winners in each category. 

Primary: Grades 3 & 4

Junior: Grades 5 & 6

Intermediate: Grades 7 & 8

Senior: Grade 9 -12                    


Project Requirements

1. Project display must not exceed 4 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep.

2. Demonstrations must be done by the participant (not public).

3. Projects requiring power must be portable so they can be moved to the “Power Station” during judging.

4. Students should use a three sided display board

5. Include a brief written description of your project that outlines your project’s:

• Title Results

• Purpose Conclusions

• Description of procedures

• *Each section should not exceed 500 words.

Safety Rules

1. No open flames.

2. Toxic, flammable, or dangerous chemicals are prohibited.

3. Use as low a voltage as possible (no more than 9 volts).

4. At the end of the viewing period, all electrical exhibits should be disconnected.

5. X-Ray or Radiation-producing equipment is prohibited.

6. Living creatures are prohibited.

7. Photos/video can be used to demonstrate experiment. Ensure that you are present in all photographs.

This program is presented in partnership with the Pickering Public Library.