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Advisory Committees

Teen Advisory Council (TAC)

The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a Library sponsored group of volunteer teens from all Ajax high schools who meet weekly in the Library during the school year.

The mandate of TAC is to:

• advise the library on the provision of services to young adults.
• make suggestions about our young adult collections.
• engage in projects of interest to young adults of its own choosing.
• represent the interests of the Library to their own schools.
• promote literacy among young adults in Ajax.
• be a platform where teens can engage the community and meet other young people in a safe and welcoming environment.
• provide a useful source of volunteers as required by the library on special occasions.

TAC consists of a President, Vice President, and Secretary, Members and a Library Facilitator. Members elected into one of the three executive positions may serve for one or two years. After two years, they must be re-elected to remain on the executive. When the Library is looking for new TAC members, information will be posted on the Jobs & Volunteers page.

 Older Adults Advisory Committee (OAAC)

The mandate of the Older Adults Advisory Committee (OAAC) is to provide recommendations and advice on Library service matters which have a direct impact on the Library's older adult customers.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • providing a forum for the exchange of information on the needs of older adults, options and initiatives, and to advise of potential opportunities. 
  • developing strategies to identify and overcome barriers to Library use for older adults. 
  • meeting with representatives of older adults from diverse backgrounds to discuss ways that the Library can meet the needs of all older adults.

The OAAC is made up of a maximum of nine members including a Chair, Vice Chair and Library staff member. The committee members serve a two-year term at the end of which active recruitment takes place for new members.  When the Library is looking for new OAAC members, information will be posted on the Jobs & Volunteers page.


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