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New Hearing Assistance Technology at the Main Branch

Symbol for Hearing Loop System

As part of our mandate to provide equitable access to all of our services, we have added a hearing loop system to the microphone system in the Main Branch’s Rotary Room. It allows customers that attend programs and events to hear a clearer, more intelligible sound with reduced background noise. 

No special equipment is required. Listeners hear directly through their hearing aid simply by switching it to the telecoil (T) setting and adjusting the volume as needed. For those that require hearing assistance but do not have a hearing aid, a portable receiver and headset are available. Please speak to staff if you require a portable device.

How does it work? Speech signals are circulated through a wire installed around the perimeter of the room. The signal is detected directly by the "telecoil" or telephone switch circuitry found in most hearing aids and all cochlear implants. Telecoils shut out background noise, allowing you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, and shut out the sounds you don’t.

Please note: If you are unsure about activating the “telecoil” in your hearing aid, please contact your hearing aid provider for help.