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Bring Back Salmon To Lake Ontario

Lord Elgin Students

On March 3, Grade 1 and 2 students from Lord Elgin Public School visited the Library to hear about the Lake Ontario Bring Back the Salmon initiative. Chris Robinson of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters talked with them about the Bring Back the Salmon project and then they watched as he released the salmon fry from their “condo” into the tank. They were so excited to be a part of this process.

View photos from their visit.

Watch the video of the salmon fry being released from their “condo” into the tank

The tank is part of a collaboration between the Town of Ajax, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and other partners, to provide Ajax residents with the opportunity to see the early life stages of the endangered Atlantic Salmon until they grow large enough to be released into the Duffins Creek.

There were 100 eggs in the tank when it was placed in the Library, which hatched and have grown into salmon “fry” which will be released into Duffins Creek in the spring. The exact date of the release will be dependent on the temperatures of the Duffins Creek. The same students from Lord Elgin P.S. will be a part of the release.

Atlantic salmon have been missing from Lake Ontario for more than a century as a result of habitat loss and over fishing. This treasured species is an important part of our natural heritage and Ontario's biodiversity. 

To learn more about how you can help return Atlantic Salmon to Lake Ontario please visit: