2023 Design a Bookmark Contest Winners!

Drumroll please...

Announcing the winners of the 2023 Design a Bookmark Contest! All the designs were fantastic, but the votes have narrowed it down to the top 12 designs, which will be printed and available in all Library branches throughout 2023. Winners will also receive 25 copies of their bookmarks to share with family and friends! Thanks to everyone for their submissions! And a reminder, you can still get 2022 designs in all branches until the end of the year.

2023 Winners

January: Vierra G., Grade 1
February: Anaya P., Grade 5
March: Jules B., Kindergarten
April: Ruhaan S., Grade 3
May: Tanvi D., Grade 2
June: Ava F., Grade 8
July: Emilia H., Kindergarten
August: Anastasia L., Grade 5
September: Kanisha P., Grade 8
October: Laksith T., Grade 3
November: Tanish P., Grade 6
December: Chloe H., Grade 3

Design a Bookmark Contest winning designs January to June. January: Vierra G., Grade 1, February: Anaya P., Grade 5, March: Jules B., Kindergarten, April: Ruhaan S., Grade 3, May: Tanvi D., Grade 2, June: Ava F., Grade 8

Design a Bookmark winning designs July to December. July: Emilia H., Kindergarten, August: Anastasia L., Grade 5, September: Kanisha P., Grade 8, October: Laksith T., Grade 3, November: Tanish P., Grade 6, December: Chloe H., Grade 3